3.5-6 years old

Dramatic play is the keystone of early childhood.  When young learners assume roles, they are unwittingly developing communication and perspective taking skills and are all but forced to adopt a flexible mindset as they negotiate, plan, problem solve and ENGAGE with their fellow players.

Dramagination classes are directed by an experienced theatre professional and a social educator.  In lieu of auditions, potential cast members are encouraged to participate in a welcome meeting with the directors.  This allows us to build thoughtfully blended groups based on strengths, interests, age and areas for growth. 

Fairy Tale Theatre/Pirate Playhouse
(Ages 3-6)

Students engage in guided free play, developmentally appropriate theatre games, and structured role play of classic tales. Class ends with snack and guided reflection (e.g. I liked/disliked when ___, What if the prince was trapped in the tower instead of the princess______, What else could we have used for the ____, etc.)


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