Saturday Clubs

Clubs run on Saturdays from 2-3:30pm.  Students may move between club activities during the two hour period.

Tuition: $100 Club Card ($10/club) or $15 drop-in rate

Pokémon Club

Pokémon Club is for students of all ages who love to play and discuss Pokémon. Pokémon appeals to a wide age of learners.  This club provides the opportunity for genuine interaction among age groups and allows young fans to learn from older, more experienced players. 

Students are encouraged to bring their cards and all other Pokémon gear. No electronics please. 

Lego Club

Lego Club is a guided opportunity for Lego enthusiasts to free design, collaborate, and solve Lego challenges. 

No materials are needed.

*It is our desire to begin an official FirstLEGO League team in Fall 2014.

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