6-12 years old

Young Artists and Storytellers:  Theater, Music, and Movement
(Ages 6-8)

Get ready to stretch those acting muscles, warm up those voices, and move it, move it!  This class is designed to introduce young actors and artists to the various components of telling a story on stage through acting, movement, and song.  In a fun and creative environment, each class will focus on group activities that help young actors develop their faces, bodies, and voices as young performers.  Through various stories from around the world and fun acting exercises, young artists will be introduced to the various components of storytelling and acting. Each class will incorporate different ways actors tell the story on stage through body movement, music, and everything in between.  This class is a great introduction to the magic of theater and the arts in a positive and upbeat environment.  
The Magic of Theater

(Ages 9-12)
The lights go down, the actors are in costumes waiting in places, and the show is about to begin.  There is nothing like the spark and magic of live theater.   Through a variety of acting games, improvisation exercises and group activities, young artists start exploring the world of theater and acting.  Each class will consist of group and individual exercises that explore basic acting concepts while also exploring how an actor tells a story on stage.  These activities will explore the various mediums that actors use on stage in order to tell the story through music, puppetry, mask work, movement, scenery, and other theatrical elements.  This class is designed to introduce young artists to the world of theater while developing team building skills and self-confidence in a fun, upbeat, and creative environment.    

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